Linique Charm Cuvee # VIII QBA 2022

Region/Country: Rheinhessen, Germany
Variety: White
Vintage: 2022
ALC/Vol: 12%
Wine Style : Medium Dry

Grade:  QbA

The delightful white wine cuvee "Charm" is seductive and classy.
Just in time for the summer, it radiates a delicate straw yellow in a Croco White look.
The exotic bouquet with delicious tropical fruits is something to be relied on.
Charming accessories include summery salads with chicken.
Our style tip: Garnish the white wine in the glass with fine slices of ginger and ice.

・ Elegant and stylish on the outside  
・ Graceful and tempting on the inside 
・ A wine creation in a perfect, fashionable setting