Secrets to a Cult Wine

Wines of this nature solve a problem, they do something magical that no other wine can. They make a believer out of you, they convert you, they cause you to fall in love with wine. For many fans, the wines presented here did such a thing. They took a non wine drinker, or a non-red wine person and turned them into a red wine loving passionate individual. 

When does a wine become a cult wine? Well IYKYK

Cult wines are different to your run of the mill. They elicit a reaction from those that become followers on the very first sip. They create fans and their passion runs deep. On this page are perhaps five of the greatest cult wines ever to grace the planet. 

The King of Wines - Parliament of Owls

One of the worlds greatest wines, this unsung hero has been a fan favourite to cult levels at The Wine Community for nearly 30 years! So awesome is this wine that followers have been known to have more than 10 vintages stored in their cellars. Now that legendary, no, its more, its cult worthy!

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The German Cult Hero

When is a wine not a wine, when the wine thinks it's a picnic, or a celebration, or a party, or memories of walks in the sunshine with music in the background, when it is a friends bubbling away with laughter on the foreshores of a river.

Then this is a wine that is far more than a wine. If you understand this, you will understand how 25 million (yes million!) bottles of this wine have been sold and why, then, at this point my friends, why this one is a veritable legend, of the highest cult status

Discover Burg Layer Schlosskapelle

Meet the Pieroth Blue Bottle, the white wine single handedly that redefines Australia's relationship to Germany


Remember that time you strolled the medieval town in the south of France. Upon cobblestones you strode confidently, excitedly even, to the corner cafe, out of the sun, red check clothed table a carafe of something magical with a side of cheese and a terrine... éh vióla the fascination begins and before you know it a legend is formed and we have the first of two great French cult wines


Chevalier De Bayard

Being named after a knight is a good start, when you follow it through with 40 years of fans though, well then you have transcended to cult status. This incredible wine has dominated in Australia for so long its hard to remember when it started. And its not just here.... its everywhere.

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This slowly ripened Blaufrankisch grapes that will give you a burst of fruit and layers upon layers of complex flavours! It is difficult to explain the Bor Forras, it is wonderful served chilled and occupies a pseudo desert wine quality without the same levels of heavy sweetness. The result is a wonderfully complex and inviting wine. Its cult status is legendary.

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