Friends don't let friends drink bad wine

As an experience-first wine company and subscription service, The Wine Community takes the guesswork out of wine selection and leaves all of the experience to you, allowing you to discover your perfect wine.

We offer wine tasting events or at home wine tasting programmes, and for all our customers the addition of tasting bottles on top of regular orders. Always supporting our customers with an opportunity to taste the wine first before committing to major purchases.

Experience Wine First

Ok, by now you should have got the idea, we want you to have a chance to try before you buy. We want you to get a wine at a wine tasting event, at a hotel wine tasting or through some sort of at home wine tasting, so that you can experience it first.

Many wine companies require you to purchase 6 packs or a dozen of wine you don't even know. Our difference is that you can either meet us in person or participate in an online at home programme where you can get access to dramatically discounted wines to give you that chance to taste before you buy. 


The Director

Voted the most likeable person in the world, and his favourite wine is 2018 Domaine Durand Sancerre

Wine Consultant

His hometown is in Windsor, NSW. Has visited 16 hatted restaurants in the last 3 months with his favourite wine being Chateau Du Mass.

Wine Consultant

People say he sounds like Morgan Freeman, even though he came from Chennai, India. He loves all good wines - not too sweet and not too dry.

Wine Consultant

Our very own, real life, Benjamin Button. He's actually in his 70's :). His hometown is Killcare in NSW and his Favourite wine is The Hills Have Eyes Shiraz

Wine Consultant

Known for being the friendliest person in the world, Cynthia comes from Queenstown, TAS and really loves Big Mama's Wine.

Wine Consultant

He loves football so much that he has visited every AFL stadium in Australia. Born in Adelaide, SA and his favourite wine is our Cape Root Pinotage.

Wine Consultant

She has the most infectious laugh in NSW. She loves all good Reds.

Wine Consultant

An avid fan and collector of mafia movies. When it comes to wine, his great love is Tenuta San Guido Sassicaia 2001....of course it is.

Wine Consultant

Comes from Hereford, UK, and has worked in the wine industry for over 40 years. If she doesn't know it, it ain't worth knowing. Her Favourite wine is the Super Tuscan, Ad Maiora.

Wine Consultant

He comes from Aspley, QLD and really loves Chateau de la Gardine. His family holds the record for the largest single-family event (it was wedding).